Wine & Crab
Restaurant and bar

It is not just crabs and wine, as the restaurant’s name Wine and Crab – suggests, but a lot of crabs and wine. A whole lot of crabs and wine in the heart of Moscow!

We selected the best wines for all kinds of crabs, and if our choice is not to your liking, you can find the wine to your taste in our extensive wine list, which includes over 900 items.

Our menu offers 11 varieties of crab never yet seen in the capital! Apart from well-loved Kamchatka king crab and opilio (snow crab), familiar to many, here you can taste blue king crab, spiny crab and even the peculiarly named “hairy crab”.

Besides crabs, the Wine and Crab invites you to taste various other kinds of seafood, and if your mood or the weather predisposes you to solid red wines, you will certainly find several meat dishes in our menu.


Доставка в Wine & Crab Никольская

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